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  • Learning the Air Travel Center values and its utilization.
  • Student Universe .. a global agency offering discounted flights, low cost lodging and other travel products to students, youth and faculty across the globe.
  • Student Advantage Cardstudent advantage .. Save Up to 50% Online or in Stores.Travel, Tech Gear, Food, Movies, Electronics, More. If You Don't Save, You Don't Pay.
  • Airtran X Fares   USA Youth Standby:
    ages 18 to 22 fly standby for just 52 USD per flight segment
  • Austrian Airlines  youth and student fares:
    24 years and younger or student id, lots of countries, lots of cheap flights
  • Student Airfare   offered by Orbitz member airlines
  • STA Travel, Student Universe, SmarterTravel, Vayama  Student Youth Indy Flight Specials
     → Canada  Hong Kong  Thailand  United Kingdom  United States
  • Jet Airways India Specials RSS Student & Youth Discounts
  • Student Flights Australiaau student flights .. Student Flights (Australia Only; Student Youth Indy)
    Specialists in student, youth and independent travel. We have developed a unique range of travel products specifically for student and independent travellers including Work abroad programmes to the USA, Australia New Zealand as well as volunteer breaks to South Africa, Costa Rica and Thailand. We also offer cheap airfares, budget & luxury accommodation, language courses, adventure tours, car hire, insurance and much more.
  • Youth Hostels and Backpacker Lodging   across the globe:
    includes guides for destination studies and traveler resources
  • ISIC .. Student, Youth, Teacher Discounts World Wide. Save $100s.
  • KLMklm .. offers students a low cost way to go
  • STA Student Travel USAsta  US special fares  STA travel Worldwide
    The world´s largest student, youth and budget travel organization.
    STA :  Flights Bookingsta  Weekly Dealsta  Discount Cardssta
  • National Express UK   Eurolines Europe
    Bus Lines serving the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.
    Youth, Senior, Family and other low cost promotional fares available.
  • Youth Rail Pass Discount .. for students and youth across the globe
  • Travelocity: Low Fare Alerttravelocity or Shop By Budgettravelocity
  • Also shop low cost airlines Europe and Americas
  • Skytours :  Studentstudent and military discount flights worldwide & Military  discount flights worldwide
  • Save Money on New and Used Textbooks at Barnes n Noble
  • .. booking up for class? Get more for less.
  • Air Travel Center; Free Email, Chat, SMS Online.
    Multi-lingual email accounts, hosted multi-lingual chat suites and SMS
  • Erasmusu .. A social network for Erasmus and exchange students from around the world. Meet people, read their experiences, find accommodation, discover cities, scholarships, work placement and universities.
  • EscapeArtist country guides and resources for living and working in foreign countries across the globe
  • Connection Line - Intercâmbio Cultural e Viagens - a youth travel consolidator in Brazil offering global, educational cultural and language immersion programs as well as work travel and many other inter cultural and travel related programs.
  • Volunteer Abroadvolunteer travel .. See the world in a whole new way. Volunteer projects from 4 to 24 weeks spanning six continents: Care for orphaned children, Build indigenous family homes, Protect wildlife and habitats, Provide healthcare, Provide TV radio & print communications.
  • Travel and Earn Money by Teaching Englishtefl Get your TEFL training Onlinetefl or at weekend courses in the UKtefl or the UStefl and go teaching and traveling and earning your keep in a wide choice of countries.
  • Cultural Experiences Abroadcea offers U.S. and Canadian students college study abroad programs in 15 countries and 26 cities across the globe.
  • International Casuals .. Backpacker Jobs. Apply Now.
    Finding the casual job that fits; worldwide!
  • Prime Care Network, Ghana .. enables people from around the world to share their skills and expertise. We facilitate placements for one or more people, for a minimum of two weeks. We offer placements that will either utilize skills you hold already or give opportunity to learn new skills. We will match your skills and expectations with those of your chosen options to ensure your placement is professionally and personally rewarding. We are also able to do arrangements for people who want to participate in other sustainable development projects in Ghana.
  • Voluntary Work Abroad with Original Volunteers - Volunteer abroad and change your life, and do some of the most crucial volunteer work you will ever do. Volunteering abroad will help you gain new skills, self-confidence, make friends for life and improve your CV. Volunteering abroad offers you the opportunity to volunteer overseas on a range of over 100 volunteer projects, situated in 18 countries around the world. Whatever your age or background, the volunteer projects welcome everybody equally, and endeavour to encourage, and support you in your choices and decisions.
  • Airline Ticket and Travel Auctions   are available in many countries
  • UniservUK .. at University? - this is your student lounge, local guide,
    travel guide, frat house, clubhouse, sorority house, campus life, advisor…
  • Fair-Exchange UK .. UK residents 16 years and up can play games, win flights trips holidays cruises or money, earn and spend fairpoints, and all of this is free.
  • Amtrak for College Visits by Student and Parent
    Buy one ticket and get one free, book online using a promotion code, offer is good for high school juniors and seniors and their parent or guardian, valid throughout the United States, ages 2-15 can travel along for half off.
  • Council on International Educational Exchange
    Study Abroad and International Exchange
  • Vivre Sans Frontieres .. French Language immersion; A Unique Summer Program for Children 6 through 17. VSF gives children from around the world a chance to practice their French language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp. 19 Camps, 10 or 20 days sessions, July and August 2011, Fun activities and fields trips in the the most beautiful regions of France.
  • SearchLanguage .. online language study resources
    featuring programs for language immersion travel study programs
  • Spanish Schools in Granada, Spain .. In Granada, Spain, where the mountains and the three rivers meet; learning Spanish is easy. There are a wide variety of Spanish schools in our town and you will definately find one that has a program exactly like what you are looking for.
  • Spanish Schools in Queretaro, Mexico .. A Directory of Spanish Schools in Querétaro, Mexico. A UNESCO World heritage city which is quickly becoming one of the top choices for those who want to study Spanish in Mexico. Find out why.
  • San Cristóbal Language School, Mexico .. is located in Southern Mexico among the unforgetable green mountains of Chiapas. Our Spanish school is located in the historic center of the ‘pueblo magico’ of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas a town known for its vibrant indigenous culture. The San Cristobal Language School offers over 22 Spanish Packages to Spanish students of all levels, from all over the world.
  • Campeche Language School .. is located in the fortress port town on the yucatan of Campeche, Mexico. Our Spanish school in Campeche will offer Spanish students from all over the world the highest level of Spanish education available.
  • Spanish Center Merida .. offers year-round immersion courses in a family environment. Mexico is the perfect place to learn Spanish. Not only because of the country’s beauty and and its cultural heritage but also because of the clean and clear Spanish which is spoken here.
  • Free Interactive, On-Line, Spanish Language Lessons  Learn Spanish -- Free Interactive, On-Line, Spanish Language Lessons
  • Englisch Sprachreisen Malta .. Ihre Englisch Sprachschule für Englische Sprachreisen nach Malta. Die sonnige Mittelmeerinsel Malta ist der perfekte Ort, um Sprachurlaub und Sprachreisen zu verbinden. Englisch lernen unter der Sonne. An English version of the website is located here
  • SpanishSchools.Org .. specialized and general courses
    language immersion travel study programs in Spain & Latin America
  • Italian language courses in Castiglioncello, Tuscany, Italy: intensive language courses, courses for groups, private lessons, italian for commerce, italian for tourism. Italienisch lernen in Italien am Meer: Sprachkurse Standard, Sprachkurs Individual, Italienischkurs 2zu1, Italienisch für Tourismus, Sprachkurse für Airliner.
  • Si todavía no hablas espańol, Evolis es tu escuela
    El centro de Evolis está situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Barcelona delante de la Universidad Central de Barcelona y se encuentra a unos minutos andando de las playas , los museos y los alojamientos.
  • Spirito Italiano - Italian language school - learn Italian in Florence .. Spirito Italiano is a small Italian language school in Florence. Communicative teaching methods are adapted to the wish and capacity of students. Learn Italian in a friendly atmosphere at a good price.
  • Otranto nel Mondo - Learn Italian by the Sea .. By arrangement with the Perugia Universtity for Foreign Students, the school is an examination centre for the Certificates in Italian Language (CELI) and Business Italian (CIC).
  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Italian language school .. Learn Italian in Florence, Rome, and Siena while learning the Italian culture.
  • Italian language schools - Learn Italian in Italy .. Schools in Pisa and in seaside city Viareggio. Offers courses on Italian language for foreigners, semester and summer study abroad programs. Also features intensive courses, individual tutoring, and classes in cooking and art.
  • Centro Giacomo Puccini - Learn Italian in Italy .. Learn Italian in Viareggio, Italy while learning the Italian culture.
  • Scuola Tricolore, Genoa Italia .. Scuola Tricolore offers personalised Italian language courses and continuous fun. We offer courses for every different study objective and level.
  • Language Schools Worldwide: Language Schools in Spain France Italy
    FirstStep World offers certified language immersion programs around the world. Language schools where you can Learn Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese or Greek in numerous travel destinations worldwide.
  • Madrelingua: Italian language school in Bologna, Italy .. We offer Italian language courses to students of all nationalities. Madrelingua is one of the most attractive and professional Italian language schools in Bologna. Our spacious school is well equipped and situated in a beautiful old building in a historic street in the very centre of the city. Class size is ten or fewer.

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§   When you shop for flights and fares on the Internet, with near certainty, the website booking engine you shop with will access one of the following Global Distribution Sytems:  Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport (Galileo & Worldspan), Abacus, TravelSky, KIU or SHARES. The largest among them is Travelport which carries about forty percent of the world’s available flights and fares. With that information, a person quickly sees that a one stop shop is a very limited resource.

¶   Beyond that apparent resource limitation is the fact that airline consolidators and some air ticket agencies and some airlines do not use a GDS at all. Instead, they operate their own database of flights and fares which they own. Access to their inventory is, alone, through a proprietary booking engine. Among those airline consolidators and air ticket agencies that deploy website booking engines at all, some will access only the proprietary database and provide a null search result when no itinerary of theirs will serve the itinerary that you input; and some will rebound to a GDS and display the GDS results when no itinerary of theirs will serve the one that you input. The first case leaves you hanging without flight search results. The second case leaves you with flights and fares similar to many other sources. Airline consolidators buy airline tickets in bulk and resell them to the general public using travel egencies and travel coordinators for businesses. Consolidators are small to medium sized enterprises and contract with as few as one or two airlines or as many as thirty five or forty. Since more than seven hundred airlines are active across the globe, the reach of consolidators is quite limited. Beyond that, consolidators do not contract every flight and every itinerary; only the ones that airlines make available and, among those, only the ones that the consolidator has reasoned hope for potential sales.

¶   In case 2, when flights and fares are displayed and you book one, a two step must be accomplished behind the booking engine. Firstly, the booking is presented to the airline behind a firewall and the airline checks each flight segment for seat availability et al and then for contract qualification and other (nothing about you) details. If all the airline checks succeed, the consolidator gets a go from the airline and begins to process your booking (mostly about you). When all checks succeed, your payment is accepted and tickets are issued. Case 2 can seem like a bait and switch but truly, it is not. A proprietary flight and fare displayed can be rejected by the airline (usually because seats are not available across the entire itinerary)(sometimes because the consolidator has oversold its quota for that travel day)(sometimes because the airline sold the same seats at a higher price)(etc.). The consolidator must then try another itinerary, in its own inventory, to approximate your booking request or rebound to a GDS when the consolidator owns nothing that will serve you. In either case, the price will be different and usually (but not always) higher. With that knowledge, you can appreciate the second effort to meet your travel needs and try yet another booking engine if nothing presented is acceptable.

¶   Allotments to a consolidator for any given flight on any given date can be as few as four seats at the lowest price and maybe seven and nine seats at the next up price tiers. When these seats are sold; that ends it for that consolidator’s pricing for that flight on that date. The airline holds the contractual discretion to add another allotment at any price tier. Sometimes it will.

¶   By aggregating global distribution systems and the inventory of airline consolidators, air ticket brokers, and airlines worldwide, The Center provides access to the greatest number of public and privately held airfares in every class with almost every airline in the world. In this aggregation, access is made available to every global distribution system and to the proprietary inventory of many airline consolidators, air ticket brokers and agencies and individual airlines worldwide via their booking engines. While this website will always have more than one hundred internet booking engines deployed, not all of them apply to a singular shopping situation. All of the engines that do apply can usually be shopped within a period of ninety minutes. You are very likely to save at least one dollar for each minute of shopping; so pay yourself well.

¶   Make time to become familiar with the Center and the Internet booking engines deployed here. Deployment is based upon the world region that the flight of origin will depart from. Each booking engine is owned by an independent air company and each will have unique strengths and weaknesses that vary by the subset of airlines under contract, the terms and net pricing under each contract, and by which GDS is accessed on the rebound when no contracted itineraries are available to serve you. Features and function will vary too. Get to know them. Run some tests by shopping for a likely upcoming trip and discover the strengths and weakness of each engine.

§   Take a deep breath and shake off the frustration. Take the time required to find the Internet booking engines that will give you access to the airfare databases you want to leverage for your current trip. Then take the time you need to shop them. No single database and no centralized system will ever hold the best itinerary or the lowest price all of the time. Airline seat availability and prices are in constant flux from hour to hour. Discount seats are offered and sold out, promotions begin and end, air routes change, flights are added and discontinued, independent companies make their prices available and their seat allotment becomes sold out, airlines alter their base prices, a regulatory body adds or removes a fee, a government adds or removes a tax, operating costs change, and airlines sometimes engage in pricing contests; all of these and other influences mean that prices are constantly in flux and that the impact upon one database of fares will not be the same as upon another. Shop at least three; but four, five, and six Internet booking engines are better and better for making sure you are not missing an appreciably lower price and or a better itinerary and or a favored airline. If needed, use two or more engines and two or more tickets to build your own itinerary at a price you are happy to pay. Be aware that no seat and no fare is ever confirmed by an airline until the ticket is actually issued.

§   An array of tools has been deployed to assist air travelers:  International Flight Tracker, World Airlines Database, World Airline Flight and Airport Status, World Airline Schedules, World Airline Fare Specials, World Airports, Airline Traveler Tools and PDA Smartphone Flight Shopping among others.

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